Why Developers love Apple?


I’d like you guys to take a good look at these screenshots. The one’s on the right are from an iPhone, center- Android and the left ones are Windows Phone.
Facebook Apple Facebook Andy     Facebook WP

Google AndyGoogle WP

WhatsApp Apple     WhatsApp Andy     WhatsApp WP


As most of you would agree, the most aesthetically appealing apps are made for the iPhone. Not only good looking apps but also much more functional apps (Facebook Paper, anyone?). But Why? Why do Devs prefer iOS over Android even though the latter has more market share! Lets find out:

Let’s start small with Windows Phone. In its early years Microsoft sold Windows Phone on only one parameter. Its beauty. Yes, from the boring old icons Microsoft transformed its devices to give us Live Tiles, which changed as we got notifications and updated themselves automatically. But it seems that App Developers didn’t want to make WP the best looking OS out there. Because they dumped the most horrible looking apps in Microsoft’s lap. See WhatsApp, iPhone looks fabulous, with the light translucency effect and even custom backgrounds, Android still isn’t a “beautiful enough” app. But Windows Phone! It looks horrible! It even doesn’t have the latest features like Voice calls or hiding the “last seen at”! So why do Developers coy away from Windows Phone? Two words, “Market Share”. Even after 3 years in the game, all Windows Phone has is 3.9% market share. That’s the only as to why developers dump half- baked apps and never do WP users get all the features.

But what about Android? Which commands 80% of the market share. A recent study shows that the wealthiest of New Yorkers, the people from Manhattan, own an iPhone. Yes, the richest Americans and Europeans would pick up an Apple any day over a Samsung or HTC. The study also shows that more people from Brooklyn choose Android over iPhone. But it also shown a drop in income level from Manhattan to Brooklyn. This means that people from developing countries or from Buffalo, Brooklyn, etc are less likely to pay for an app. The richer have a better capacity to pay for features or services offered by the app. And most rich people pick up an iPhone, which has a 83% sales with AT&T and 67% sales with Verizon. Therefore Developers target the rich by making more beautiful apps so they can sell more and increase their profits. That’s the reason why Developers make better apps for iOS and their standard decreases from Android to Windows Phone.

If you believe there is some other reason as to why developers make better apps for iOS, or how companies can change this. Write it down in the comments section below.

Thank You for reading!


One thought on “Why Developers love Apple?

  1. Love Android

    Completely correct. But I also think that that rich Americans and Europeans are now being more invested in Android products too! Maybe they realize that Android is better than iOS

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